Our Services

We believe that our clients should not have to change the way they do business to do business with us. ActiveArchives has over three decades of experience of saving clients’ time, space and money. We are familiar with all types of document storage formats and media. Unlike computer companies with no knowledge of records retention policy or records consultants unaware of technology, we understand both your records management and information technology needs.

If You Keep Records... 

Today, businesses, government entities, education centers and other organizations are keeping more records and files than ever before.  Compliance is a very serious issue.  If you are regulated, mandated, or maintaining data “just because” the bottom line is … Information and access to it are the Life Blood of your Business


Our staff has been providing Records Management solutions and services since 1975.  We are qualified, certified, and ready to go to work for you.  We listen carefully to your questions and talk to you without using binary code.  You don’t have to change the way you do business to do business with us.

Our Products

We are an Award Winning provider of Laserfiche Document Imaging Software.  Our Records Management consulting is well respected.  We are Kodak Alaris, Complete Paper Solutions, Scanning America and Cambridge Connection partners and our cloud and web services are powered by Amazon.  Our special skills include the ability to integrate and automate with almost any business operation and management software application.   The difference between having records and having records when you need them can be critical and even fatal.